Stingray Volleyball

Stingray "Little" Juniors Program

The Stingray "Little" Juniors Clinics are designed for boys and girls in grades 1 - 3 and are run by Stingray Club Director Vonda Reid. The program focuses on instruction for beginners in the basic overall athletic skills needed to develop proper volleyball technique. All drills and games are age appropriate to ensure that all participants are successful and have fun!

Space is limited and these sessions usually fill up at least two weeks prior to the start date. So register today to reserve your space!

Entering Grades 1 - 3 Register Online

Sun Sep 8th1 - 2 pmUnion
Sun Sep 15th1 - 2 pmUnion
Sun Sep 22nd1 - 2 pmUnion
Sun Sep 29th1 - 2 pmUnion
Sun Oct 6thNO SESSION 
Sun Oct 13th1 - 2 pmUnion
Sun Oct 20th1 - 2 pmUnion

Registration Fee: $100


Harker School Union Campus
4525 Union Ave
San Jose, CA 95124

The Stingray Difference

Here are just a few reasons why Stingray offers the best club volleyball experience in all of Northern California.

Players Come First

This is at the core of our club's values and is the primary reason we started Stingray back in 2003. Our entire organization is committed to the well being and prosperity of every one of our players.

Amazing Coaching Staff

Our coaching staff is second to none. We spend a lot of time seeking out only those individuals that embody our mission. Which means that our coaches are highly dedicated, strong motivators, and extremely knowledgeable. Our staff boasts over 100 years of combined high school, club, and college level coaching experience receiving numerous accolades along the way, former professional and olympic level players, as well as club national MVP's and All-American team selections.


We provide a highly competitive atmosphere including travel to multiple national qualifying events at some of the lowest price points in the entire region. On top of that, we provide the latest in strength, speed, and functional training equipment with specialized staff for no extra cost.

We Have the MOST FUN!

And this is the big one. We are extremely passionate about the game of volleyball and we want desperately to keep that passion alive and spread it as far and wide as we can. We feel that the best way to make that happen is to remind ourselves and our players that volleyball is a game, a wonderful game that should be enjoyed above all else.

Come see for yourself how big the Stingray difference can be.